MegChem offers a range of services packaged into a solution designed to meet your needs and desired outcomes.

The way we work

We offer the largest petrochemicals skill base in South Africa with a proven track record based on client relationships and understanding.

1. Defining the problem statement – project scope, symptoms vs origin.
2. Compile Technical specifications – design basis.
3. Working in partnership with client to find the solution.
4. Applying best practices in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and implementation.
5. Resulting in an optimised, improved plant with first-rate safety and quality excellence.

Our services encompass

  • Operational support for existing plants
  • Plant modifications
  • Plant de-bottlenecking
  • Fit-for-service analyses and failure investigations



Feasibility Studies
Multi Discipline Engineering Services
Green Fields Projects
Complex Brown Fields Projects


Oil & Gas
Energy & Water
O&M Plant management


Bridges & Highways
Business & Residential
Airports & Harbours
Transport Modeling


HD Scan
Accurate as built modeling
Back Fit integration
4D Approach


Front End Engineering Design
Concept, Basic & Detail Engineering
Modeling & Simulation
Advanced Control Systems


Front End Engineering Design
Concept, Basic & Detail Engineering
Pressure Vessel Design
Finite Element Analysis


Metallurgical Investigations
Remaining Life assessments
Fit for Service assessments
Risk Based Inspections


Drafting of technical specifications
Procurement of specialized equipment
Managing the supply value chain globally
Contract Negotiations


Piping design specialists use specialised hardware and software to create complex 3D and 4D-models of brownfields, as well as greenfields projects. Scanned data from a High Definition Laser Scanner known as pointsclouds, are used to create virtual “site-walks” in the comfort of your office, resulting in cost savings, as time spent on site is minimised.

These scanned pointsclouds serves as an accurate geometrically correct base, reflecting exactly all that is on site. The 3D models built using the scanned data as a reference base, are typically used for visual representation, isometric drawing generation and stress analysis purposes; while 4D models are used for model review, rigging studies and project activity scheduling.

High definition laser scanning allows MegChem to successfully complete complex maintenance projects, where exact fit during replacement is critical; as well as new projects in a very competitive environment.



MegChem executes projects engaging with clients in various contracting strategies including, EPCm, EPC and Turnkey. Our contribution could involve any portion of the typical project life cycle ranging from Conceptual Design, Basic (Preliminary) Design, Detail Design, Procurement, Construction through to Commissioning. However, our strength is on complex projects where the design component is substantial.  Most of our projects are executed on brown fields and in shutdown environments. Risk mitigation and detail planning are key focus areas to meet these demanding requirements, and we perfected our in-house technologies, such as 3D laser scanning and 4D modelling, to accomplish that.


MegChem offers a comprehensive metallurgical consulting service encompassing all aspects of physical and mechanical metallurgy, materials engineering, welding and corrosion. The team of knowledgeable metallurgical experts are supported by well-equipped, SANAS (ISO 17025) accredited laboratories providing customers with a one-stop metallurgical service, ranging from advanced failure investigations and Asset Integrity Management studies to basic material testing and certification.

Due to our close co-operation with the petrochemical industry we provide the following services:
• Specialist capabilities in the field of Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
• Fitness-for-service (FFS)
• Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)
• Plant Integrity Assessment
• Corrosion Engineering, testing and monitoring.

Our Laboratories offers clients:
• Serviced, calibrated and specialist equipment for the mechanical, metallographic and corrosion testing of materials.
• A state-of-the-art Scanning Electrons Microscope (SEM) with Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS). This equipment enables accurate identification of failure mechanisms, characterisation of fracture surfaces and analyses of corrosion products and residues.
• Apart from the tensile testing machines, Charpy impact testing facilities and hardness testing equipment, a co-operation agreement with a local research institute provides access to servo-hydraulic testing equipment for advanced fracture mechanic testing and fatigue simulations.
• A well-equipped creep testing facility which allows for constant-load creep rupture and Omega testing, with accurate temperature monitoring and control, as well as continuous strain measurement.
• In addition to fixed laboratory equipment an array of mobile equipment for on-site metallographic replication, hardness, wall thickness and coating thickness assessments. This equipment is operated by well trained technicians under supervision of experienced site managers.

300 + Employees

80 engineers (37 Pr Eng, 110 Designers and support resources.


BBBEE Level 1

Black Ownership 51.41% Black Woman ownership 10.69%

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Quality - ISO 9001: 2015

Approved by Lloyd's Register Assurance.

For the Provision of multi discipline design, consultation, engineering, procurement and construction services. (EPC/EPCM) to the petrochemical, chemical, power generation, infrastructure and related industries.

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ISO 45001:2018

MegChem's occupational Health and Safety Management System is ISO 45001:2018 Certified.

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Privacy Policy

Policy in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

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PAIA Manual

 Manual in terms of the Promotion of  Access to Information Act 2 of 2000.

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