Control and Instrumentation


In the realm of Control & Instrumentation, our engineering services stand at the forefront of precision and efficiency. At MegChem, we specialize in designing, implementing, and optimizing control systems and instrumentation solutions that drive operational excellence across various industries. Our seasoned team of experts excels in creating bespoke control strategies, developing advanced instrumentation systems, and integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance process control and automation. We are dedicated to ensuring the seamless operation of complex systems, maximizing efficiency, and maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability. From concept to execution, our Control & Instrumentation services empower industries to achieve heightened performance and stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

We have a combined 50+ years member experience
in the Control and Instrumentation department:

  • 22 Years of electrical construction in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector.
  • 20 Years of professional project management experience in multidiscipline projects.
  • 3 Years of design, specification, selection and inspections of instrumentation hardware in the petrochemical environment.

Skills and competencies within the Control and Instrumentation department are:

  • System and Instrument specification, selection and evaluation.
  • Control system design and implementation (SCADA, PLC, DCS).
  • Safety Instrumented system design and selection.
  • Design of instrumented systems in hazardous areas.
  • Engineering design of instrument installation requirements.

The C&I department ensures that sub-contractors contracted during engineering and/or construction phase comply to the Client’s technical and electrical safety, specifications and standards.

The regular attendance of seminars and symposiums aids the C&I department in the gaining up to date knowledge on the latest technologies.