Congratulations to The 2024 Bursary Recipients

At MegChem, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of engineers, scientists, and professionals who will shape the future of our industry. We are proud to announce and congratulate the recipients of our 2024 bursaries. These outstanding individuals have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, leadership, and dedication to their chosen fields.


  • 2 Bursaries Awarded

Chemical Engineering

  • 7 Bursaries Awarded

Civil Engineering

  • 3 Bursaries Awarded

Computer Engineering

  • 1 Bursary Awarded

Electrical Engineering

  • 1 Bursary Awarded

Electronic Engineering

  • 1 Bursary Awarded

Mechanical Engineering

  • 5 Bursaries Awarded

Quantity Surveying

  • 1 Bursary Awarded

We commend these students for their hard work, determination, and commitment to excellence. Each of these recipients has shown great potential to make significant contributions to their respective fields and to the broader industry.

To Those Who Applied but Were Not Selected

We also want to acknowledge and thank all the applicants who participated in this year’s bursary program. Your efforts and aspirations are commendable, and we encourage you to keep striving towards your goals. While not everyone could be selected this year, we believe in your potential and encourage you to apply again next year. Your perseverance and dedication are vital, and we look forward to seeing your continued progress.

Our Commitment to Education

At MegChem, we understand the importance of supporting education and professional development. Our bursary program is just one of the many ways we invest in the future of our industry. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for growth and learning, ensuring that the next generation of professionals is well-equipped to lead and innovate.

Once again, congratulations to all our 2024 bursary recipients. We are excited to see what you will achieve and how you will contribute to the engineering, petrochemical, and related industries.

Stay focused, stay inspired, and keep reaching for excellence.