Project Management


MegChem utilizes a multi-discipline, integrated, systems approach for design. This is achieved by an experienced team of Engineering Managers that skillfully execute the engineering design stages of our projects. Knowledge of inter-discipline interfaces and the complex integration requirements of existing infrastructure, ensure high integrity solutions for most engineering challenges on a project. We are frequently called on to solve the most demanding problems in industry within constraints that varies from tight schedules, extremely harsh operating environments, to working on live equipment.

MegChem executes small to medium sized projects engaging with clients in various contracting strategies including, EPCm, EPC and Turnkey. Our contribution could involve any portion of the typical project life cycle ranging from Conceptual Design, Basic (Preliminary) Design, Detail Design, Procurement, Construction through to Commissioning. However, our strength is on complex projects where the design component is substantial.
Most of our projects are executed on brown fields and in shutdown environments. Risk mitigation and detail planning are key focus areas to meet these demanding requirements, and we perfected our in-house technologies, such as 3D laser scanning and 4D modelling, to accomplish that. Our Project Managers ensure that the client’s project objectives are achieved in terms of Cost, Schedule, Quality and Safety. In addition, a project office team carries out daily project activities in accordance with our ISO certified Business Management System using accepted project management principles as backbone.
MegChem’s excellent collaboration between Engineering Management and Project Management delivers exceptional results time after time.


It is the responsibility of the Procurement Department to procure goods and services in a structured, documented manner in accordance with the Procurement procedures of MegChem (Pty) Ltd. The procurement function operates within industry standards and best practices to enhance and provide a value added service. All procurement actions are consistent with ethical leadership and corporate governance principles which strive to interact with all parties in a positive and constructive way to achieve win-win situations.

Purchasing officials are expected to fulfill the following role as and when applicable:

  • Create and issue RFQ’s which is clear in Scope of work and other requirements.
  • To enquire and place orders in a responsible, ethical manner which will enhance our image as a professional engineering company.
  • Dealing with quotations, confidentiality and sealed bid opening procedures.
  • Evaluating and clarifying all technical and commercial issues on quotations.
  • Recommending the best value for money option with the least risks to the project manager as link between MegChem and the client.
  • Obtaining a formal commitment from our clients prior to establishing orders addressing all the requirements of the client and MegChem.
  • Managing suppliers, expediting and dealing with schedule issues.
  • Prepare and recommend payments as and when invoices comply to order requirements as well as dealing with penalties if applicable.
  • Keeping records, filing of orders in a specific format to create uniformity.
  • Attend project close out meetings with the view of continuous improvement.

Activities of the Procurement section:

  • To know and to implement the Purchasing procedures and systems in MegChem in order to support the company’s strategic vision.
  • Know who the approved suppliers are for a specific product for a specific company.
  • Create a project procurement plan specific for a project if required.
  • Be aware of the client’s special commercial requirements for orders and reporting information in instances where a “For and on Behalf of” service is rendered.
  • Ensure that we are aware of metal price increases/decreases, oversupplies and demand at international level – LME, ROE etc.
  • Understand and manage Cost Price Adjustments mechanisms and principles.
  • Ensure risks and costs are covered using international INCO terms and have extensive understanding of logistics. Operating hand in hand with global freight forwarders.
  • Negotiate best value for money agreements based on fit for purpose requirements.
  • Adapting our services while still complying with all the basics of good commercial practices.
  • Filing and archiving all procurement documentation for audit purposes.


Quality Management in MegChem follows a team coherent strategy to meet company objectives and stakeholder expectations. Sustained customer satisfaction is achieved by consistent delivery of quality products and services at the right cost and conforming to agreed and accurate schedules.

Key to company success are our management’s commitment to quality and employee support of well established business and quality management systems based on the principles of Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000, having been certified since the year 2004.

Quality Management at MegChem consists of an ISO 9001 Systems Division responsible for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Business Quality Management Systems as well as a Quality Assurance and Control Division.

Quality Assurance and Control is performed by very well trained personnel experienced in the petrochemical and allied industry. Pressure vessel, pressure piping and related equipment manufacturing and maintenance work are governed by approved quality assurance procedures in accordance with statutory and legal requirements.

Customer feedback relating to quality is of a very high level and MegChem earned the “Supplier of the Year” award form Sasol in 2008 and maintains this quality service level.


The MegChem Safety Department operates on a Risk Based system, and complies to the ISO 45001:2018 standard, which is verified by means of an annual 3rd party audit. We believe that Safety is a team effort between all the different departments, clients and service providers, which can only be achieved through open communication and interaction with one another.

The Safety department has several competent and experienced safety personnel that contributes towards Corporate Safety, Project Safety and the Risk Management department. We are also involved in the Auditing of our Service Providers to ensure compliance to legislation, client requirements and MegChem requirements. The Safety Department has an integral involvement in Risk Management, by means of facilitation, identification and mitigation.

Safety Achievements:

  • Achieved 5 000 000 Disabling Injury free record in June 2018
  • 1 000 000 Disabling Injury free hours achieved in October 2019
  • 1 500 000 Disabling Injury free hours achieved in August 2020
  • ISO 45001:2018 Safety Certification achieved in 2021