2023 Secunda African Petrochemical Roadshow

By Martin Mpukani on Aug 18 in Events, Publications.

2023 Secunda African Petrochemical Roadshow

Nean van Niekerk, a respected Principal Engineer and esteemed group leader in Mechanical Engineering at MegChem, took the stage at the 2023 Secunda African Petrochemicals Roadshow, held on July 13th, 2023. His presentation focused on the intricacies of procurement processes, offering valuable insights to the eager audience. The informative presentation comprehensively addressed the key stages of the procurement process, encompassing sourcing, meticulous supplier selection, the art of negotiation, and adept contract management. Nean delved into the nuances of each stage, shedding light on the complexities and strategies that optimize procurement efficiency.

In today’s evolving landscape, Nean also emphasized the pivotal role of supplier diversity and sustainability in procurement practices. He underscored how MegChem, as an industry leader, seamlessly integrates these critical factors into its procurement strategy. This approach not only aligns with the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility but also contributes to sustainable, ethical, and efficient supply chain management. The audience at the Secunda African Petrochemicals Roadshow received Nean’s presentation with enthusiasm and appreciation.

The knowledge shared by Nean van Niekerk not only enriched the attendees’ understanding of procurement but also reaffirmed MegChem’s commitment to excellence and innovation in every facet of the industry. The event served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and industry collaboration, fostering progress and advancement in the petrochemical sector.