2023 Sasol Project team of the year

By Martin Mpukani on Nov 27 in Awards.

Clean Fuels 2 Refining Column Revamp Project

At the end of November 2022, the Clean Fuels 2 Refinery Column Revamp projects reached a target plan of 1 million injury free hours. This was achieved through dedication and commitment, under challenging schedule pressures, and whilst interfacing with running plant activities spread across multiple units.

The first ever Clean Fuels 2 “Cold commissioning shutdown” was also completed successfully in November & December last year which increased CF2 petrol blending capability from 35% to 80%. The quality of construction, punching and handover during these projects were exemplary and resulted in 0 leaks when stand tests were performed. These units were commissioned safely and within agreed operating parameters. Well done to the team for remaining strong and steadfast on delivering this excellent outcome.

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