MegChem Celebrates a great Cricket Season

By Martin Mpukani on Jul 09 in Events, Team Building.

MegChem Celebrates a Stellar 2nd Place Finish!

We are thrilled to announce that our MegChem Men and Mix action cricket teams have secured an impressive 2nd place in the league this season! 🥈

A huge round of applause to each and every player for their dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship. Your relentless effort, teamwork, and passion for the game have truly paid off. We are immensely proud of your achievements and the way you represented our company on the field.

Special thanks to our supporters for their unwavering encouragement throughout the season. Your contribution has been invaluable in helping our teams perform at their best. Let’s celebrate this remarkable achievement together!

Player Highlights for the Season

MegChem Mix Team:

  •   Sarel Haasbroek: 108 Runs / 11 Wickets
  •   Heinrich Bothma: 162 Runs / 12 Wickets
  •   Mische Bothma: 155 Runs / 10 Wickets
  •   Total Team Runs: 1630 for the season
  •   Total Team Wickets: 153 for the season

MegChem Men’s Team:

  •   Marnus van Brakel: 154 Runs / 17 Wickets
  •   JW Smith: 167 Runs and 11 Wickets
  •   Muhammed Mulla: 52 Runs / 8 Wickets
  •   Sarel Haasbroek: 137 Runs / 23 Wickets
  •   Danie Coetzer: 20 Runs / 2 Wickets

MegChem Men’s Team continued…:

  •   Heinrich Bothma: 176 Runs / 20 Wickets
  •   Johan Moller: 82 Runs / 18 Wickets
  •   Adriaan Prinsloo: 154 Runs / 20 Wickets
  •   Total Team Runs: 1603 for the season
  •   Total Team Wickets: 204 for the season

Thank You to Our Supporters

We extend our deepest gratitude to our supporters. Your unwavering encouragement and cheers from the sidelines have been a source of inspiration for our teams. Your support played a pivotal role in our success this season.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we look forward to the next season with renewed enthusiasm and determination. Congratulations to all our players and supporters for making this a memorable season!

Let’s keep the spirit high and aim for the top spot next season! 🏏🎉