MegChem’s Experience at the 2024 CAMINEX

By Martin Mpukani on Jun 10 in Events, Publications.

2024 CAMINEX: A Showcase of Innovation and Opportunity

From the 28th to the 30th of May, 2024, MegChem proudly participated in the 68th Annual Copperbelt Agricultural, Mining and Industrial Trade Expo (CAMINEX) held in Kitwe, Zambia. As Zambia’s premier trade expo for the Copperbelt region, CAMINEX provided an unparalleled platform for exhibitors and attendees to explore the latest trends and innovations across the mining, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

CAMINEX 2024 focused on “Unlocking Opportunities for Growth: Zambia’s Land Linked Position.” This theme underscored Zambia’s strategic geographical importance and its potential as a hub for regional trade and investment.

The event was a convergence point for industry leaders, local distributors, and businesses looking to expand their footprint in the Copperbelt region, which remains central to Zambia’s mining and industrial activities.

MegChem’s Participation

At CAMINEX 2024, MegChem showcased a broad array of products and services, highlighting our expertise in engineering consulting, procurement, and project management. Our booth attracted significant attention, demonstrating our capabilities in sectors such as oil, gas, power generation, and petrochemicals.

Team Members in Attendance:

  • Reinier Smith (Int. PE) – Senior Mechanical Engineering Group Leader
  • Mathew Nyirenda – MegChem Zambia – Director

Key Highlights from Our Booth:

  • Presentation of our latest engineering solutions and technologies.
  • Live demonstrations of our 3D scanning and modeling capabilities.
  • Discussions on our integrated project management services and their benefits to the mining and industrial sectors.

Experiences and Highlights

The 2024 CAMINEX was inaugurated by President Hakainde Hichilema, who emphasized the importance of hard work and self-improvement as catalysts for national development. His speech highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing the mining sector, with a particular focus on the Konkola Copper Mine (KCM), stressing its significance for the Copperbelt region and the nation.

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon. Chipoka Mulenga, officiated the Business Breakfast meeting, setting the stage for productive discussions on trade and industry growth. These high-level engagements underscored the strategic importance of CAMINEX as a platform for fostering economic development and collaboration.

Notable Interactions

Throughout the expo, our team engaged with numerous visitors and fellow exhibitors, discussing potential collaborations and sharing insights into industry challenges and opportunities. The interest in our services underscored the relevance of MegChem’s offerings to the current needs of the region’s industrial landscape.

Reflections and Future Prospects

CAMINEX 2024 provided an invaluable opportunity for MegChem to reinforce our presence in the Copperbelt region and to connect with key stakeholders. The interactions and feedback received will undoubtedly influence our strategic direction, helping us tailor our solutions to better serve the needs of the Zambian market.


Attending the 2024 CAMINEX was a significant milestone for MegChem, enabling us to showcase our cutting-edge solutions and to build meaningful connections within the industry. As we move forward, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise to drive growth and innovation in Zambia’s mining, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

For more information on our services or to discuss potential collaborations, please visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in partnership with our clients and the broader community.