Secunda, 22 March 2022 | Press Release

Sasol selected MegChem (Pty) Ltd as one of the chosen local engineering suppliers to enter into a partnership agreement with Sasol Projects, Engineering, Improvement and Transformation (PEI&T). The official signing of the agreement took place on Tuesday, 15 March in Secunda. MegChem will be providing engineering, procurement and construction services for the PEI&T portfolio, from front-end engineering design to project closure.”

It’s evident that MegChem values its partnership with PEI&T and sees it as a strategic move to enhance engineering and project innovation. The emphasis on delivering unparalleled solutions from the plant to the boardroom suggests a comprehensive approach to supporting Sasol’s business.

The mention of a 26-year continuous collaboration with Sasol underscores MegChem’s deep understanding of Sasol’s operational processes and engineering requirements. This historical partnership likely provides MegChem with unique insights and positions them well to meet the demands of the new venture.

The commitment to expanding the local upstream footprint aligns with a broader strategy, indicating a proactive stance in meeting industry needs. By leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities, MegChem and Sasol aim to embark on successful initiatives, delivering high-quality solutions and services.

The language used in the statement reflects confidence and a commitment to excellence, suggesting a positive outlook for the collaboration between MegChem, PEI&T, and Sasol. It’ll be interesting to see the specific innovations and projects that emerge from this partnership.