August, 2022

We are here today to recognize the Safe Progress on the Rebuild Project.  Congratulations on the 500 000 hours worked Safely.  To put 500 000 hours into perspective, that is the equivalent of 200 Man Years.

We want to recognize not only the time spent on the project, but also the time spent travelling to site and for many of you the extended hours away from your families.  The commitment of the leadership team remain to ensure that each one return to their families safely. 

It is the responsibility of all to ensure that everyone goes home safe to their families.  To demonstrate that commitment, I want you to reach out to your friend or colleague standing next to you, put your hand on their shoulders….

…and now say to them:  “I will help ensure that you go home Safely”.

There is a tight schedule on the project, but the Safety remains the top priority.  Remain calm and focused on working Safe.  Follow procedures and do not take shortcuts.

Going forward I want you to remember three things:

•         Look out for the small deviations and help rectify/ prevent that

•         If you see an at risk situation, use your SWR.  Stop the work if you think it is unsafe.

•         The 3 Second Rule – Pause, Reflect, Proceed Safely​​​​​​​

Finish Strong, but finish Safely.


The article can be found on the Engineering News site.