MegChem successfully completed 17 projects, as part of the recent Sasol Shutdown. The shutdown is one of the biggest events of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, considering the amount of planned activities to be completed in a limited timeframe.

The safe execution of the work is a non-negotiable requirement. A 100% safety record was attained, and is a commendable achievement considering the extent and complexity of the projects completed.  All projects were completed on or ahead of schedule.

The Megchem project and construction teams were on site from mid-June in preparation for the shutdown.  The work entailed the management and integration of 32 direct sub-contractors, peaking at 1500 resources on 8 individual sites. A hundred-and-fifty MegChem resources contributed to these shutdown projects (including the engineering and services support), and 25,000 man-hours were spent on site. In excess of 15,500 diameter inches were welded during fabrication and construction, and comprised carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel. Heavy lifting and rigging of 300 tons of equipment and piping were performed.

Delivering these projects on or ahead of schedule once again demonstrated the successful outcome of our coordinated and engineered construction philosophy we like to refer to as: “The MegChem Way”.

Client feedback received on some of the projects:

“I would like to say thank you to MegChem Projects and more especially to the construction manager for the outstanding work done. Ever since he started with the projects on site, on a daily basis, he has kept me informed with all the work to be executed and any concerns which could have impacted the projects. He did this timeously while showing dedication to his profession and the clients interest. So again, I say thank you to the Project team and MegChem for performing above the standards. I look forward to working with you in all our upcoming projects.”

“I like to give recognition to the Megchem project manager. The manner in which he addressed the work and also made plans to temporarily remove dangers really supported the shutdown’s bottom line. He is an excellent leader.”

“Thank you for your effort on this project, all the long hours are really appreciated. Was a pleasure working with you guys.”