In the competitive petrochemical industry, MegChem stands out as a reliable and efficient engineering partner, as exemplified by our successful completion of the Sasol Catalytic Cracker (SCC) Cyclone and Riser replacement project at the Sasol Synfuels Operations facility in Secunda.

Collaborating closely with Group Technology, a division of Sasol South Africa (Pty) Ltd, we navigated the intricate landscape of this project with foresight and meticulous planning. Despite facing a tight schedule, MegChem exceeded intermediate milestones ahead of time, alleviating pressure on the overall project timeline.

Strategic 4D modeling sessions allowed us to reduce the original shutdown duration from 55 to 45 days, and the project was executed seamlessly in just 43 days. Challenges arising during the project were met with an organized approach, such as the identification of severely damaged equipment, prompting flexible execution strategies for safe removal.

Our commitment to safety, innovation, and quality is evident throughout the project. Innovative approaches, including waterjet cutting technology for major cut lines, strapping philosophy for lifting upper cyclones, and the use of SPMT and man-cage for module transport and access to tight elevations, showcase our dedication to efficiency and excellence.

MegChem’s ability to integrate suppliers seamlessly and manage projects with depth sets us apart, offering clients dynamic solutions. On-site safety remains a priority, resulting in over 250 safe days and almost 200,000 manhours without incident.

Congratulations to all parties involved for completing a first-class project, leaving the MegChem footprint of innovation and quality in the petrochemical landscape.