MegChem’s Endeavors in Australia

MegChem’s Australia office, stationed in Brisbane, plays a crucial role in servicing clients within the energy industry. With a primary focus on sustaining operations for major clients like CS Energy, the office navigates challenges unique to the Australian market while delivering high-quality engineering solutions.

Current Projects:

Callide B HEP:

    • MegChem developed a high-energy piping management strategy for Callide B, surpassing its design life.
    • Stress analysis of critical systems informs remaining life calculations and shapes targeted inspection strategies.
    • Modifications to problematic supports have been executed, with ongoing collaboration in scoping future outages.

Callide C:

    • MegChem is actively involved in stage 2 life assessment screening performed by subcontractors.
    • Future work may include a Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) review, focusing on condensate and drain systems.
    • Analysis and re-specification of spray water valves have been successful, enhancing valve performance.

Kogan Creek Power Station:

    • Focus on combustion optimization and boiler pressure part reliability.
    • Root cause investigations for combustion-related fouling events.
    • Trials on PF Flow distribution dampers from Greenbank Terotech in the UK are ongoing, with promising results.
    • Contracts secured for engineered construction concepts and replacements during scheduled outages.

Tarong North Power Station:

    • Integration checks on new drain valves with ongoing engineering work.
    • MegChem anticipates a strengthened relationship with Tarong for future collaborations.

Other Projects:

    • MegChem’s diverse portfolio includes a fatigue assessment for Jurgens Caravan chassis and fuel oil piping integration for the Puteri Intan LNG Carrier.
    • Laser scanning and routing of new piping systems conducted by MegChem’s SA office in Malaysia.

Future Prospects:

MegChem’s Gerrie Visser emphasizes the importance of delivering fast, cost-effective, and value-added services to gain trust in the Australian market. The unwavering support from MegChem’s South African offices proves invaluable in achieving success.


MegChem’s commitment to excellence in engineering services in Australia is evident through their diverse projects and collaborations. Navigating challenges with precision, the team’s dedication to sustainability and reliability positions them as a trusted partner in the Australian energy sector.