The MegChem Football Club is the result of an initiative by employees, that enjoy participating in the game.  Partaking in sport has the added benefit of getting fit and improves the interaction of employees outside the formal office environment.

Under the guidance of head coach Jack Mokoena and assistant coach Mokhera Mokhera the team competed in the Sasol Secunda Social League, which consisted out of 10 teams playing 18 games each. Under the leadership of captain Stofel “Mbazo” Mokoena, the team ran in thirteen victories, three games were drawn and two lost.

One of the MegChem Football Club’s goals is to be part of charitable events in the community.  An example of such an event was a regional Soccer Event held recently in Kinross.   The aim of the event was to collect personal hygiene items for girls in less fortunate communities. The MegChem soccer team contributed towards this initiative.

It is an objective for MegChem to build relationships with our clients, and to integrate well with client teams during execution of projects and assignments.  This starts with having good interpersonal relationships in the company between employees.  Participating in sports is one way of fostering teamwork.