Complete replacement of eleven major pressure vessels was prevented through a fitness for service review in accordance with API and ASME guidelines.

Background: An Approved Inspection Authority scrapped Eleven Gas System Pressure Vessels during a shutdown after identifying excessive corrosion on the vessels.

Main Client Challenges: The plant had to return to operation, so the client did not have time to replace the vessels.

Client Benefit: With focused assessment by applying RBI techniques and the relevant API and ASME FFS code guidelines it is possible to return pressure vessels to service with limited intervention.

The proposed solution: A Fitness for Service Screening was conducted on all the pressure vessels.

Outcome: Only two of the vessels required partial replacement of shell sections, and a number of isolated nozzles on the balance of the vessels had to be replaced

Replication: The above approach can be followed to complete condition assessment on pressurized systems, in order to return the equipment to service considering the relevant API and ASME Code guidelines on FFS.