Laser scanning of the engine room of the Donnelly Tide.

Background: As build information was required for the engine room of the Donnelly Tide for future equipment upgrade and modification.

Main Client Challenges: The area concerned is very congested with intricate and complicated pipework systems. This makes future projects for upgrades and modifications risk prone for all items that are pre-manufactured.

Client Benefit: Accurate as-is data is available to the client for upgrades or modification engineering while the vessel is at sea or otherwise not available for easy access.

The proposed solution: Laser scan the complete engine room area including pipe runs through the bulk heads. Prepare CAD models and isometrics for the areas of interest.

Outcome:  Accurate 3 dimensional laser scan clouds of a very congested area lends itself to selective CAD modelling and integration of new equipment while the vessel is not available for easy access to measure.

Replication: Laser scanning of complex plant areas allows for accurate data capture of plant areas that are not always available. This can be done on offshore and marine vessels as well as plant areas which are not normally accessible during production. Engineering of upgrades and modification can therefore be completed in the office without the requirement of direct access to the plant.